Nationwide the YMCA has taught more people to swim than any other organization. The Miami County YMCA is committed to providing a safe and fun place for people of all ages, interests and levels. From adult water fitness classes and swim lessons to youth birthday parties and swim teams, YMCA aquatics programs mean fun.
Miami County YMCA Pool Rules

**The lifeguard has the authority and the responsibility to
exercise his/her judgment in limiting any behaviors he/she
deems unsafe or inappropriate in order to provide a safe and
enjoyable atmosphere for all.**

• Be respectful and courteous to others using the pool
• Children, ages 6 and under, must be accompanied by an adult/guardian (ages 16 and older) in the water and remain within arm’s reach
• Children ages 7 and 8 must have an adult actively supervising them in the pool area
• Children/youth who need assistance of a floatation device must have an adult/guardian in the water with them and will not be permitted in the deep end of the pool
• Floatation devices must be US Coast Guard approved
• Starting blocks are for use during a program supervised by YMCA Staff or a certified coach
• Jump forward and feet first into the pool
• Diving from the deck is permitted in water 9 feet or deeper
• Walk at all times
• Breath holding activities for recreational or competitive purposes are not permitted
• Do not hang or sit on ropes or lane markers
• Only unbreakable containers are permitted in the pool area
• Swim diapers must we worn per the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations. No changing diapers on the pool deck (changing tables are available in the locker rooms)
Acceptable Swim Attire

A swimsuit is the preferred swim attire for all swimmers. However, it is acceptable for a swimmer to wear shorts or a t-shirt over their swimsuit for their comfort. Swimmers are not permitted to wears pants, including jeans, or heavy clothing such as a sweatshirt, in the pool due to safety while swimming. All attire should appropriately cover the swimmer and not be see through.

Acceptable Items May Bring to Pool

Members may bring inflatables as long as they are not so big as to impair proper visibility of the pool. Lifeguards have the authority to not permit inflatable rafts or tubes during busy swim times.

Members may not bring squirt guns into the pool area. Non-aquatic balls, basketballs, and items not made for pool use are also not permitted. Toypedos are not permitted in the YMCA pools.